No fancy story here.  This page is more about philosophy and clarity.  With a pure view on both of these, VFX can be fun, profitable, and rewarding in every way.

Incorporated in 2003 but creating art for over 2 decades!  We run very lean, often times ramping up employees, other times collaborating with other VFX companies to share resources.  I believe this is a sustainable business model in our very challenging industry.  With the foreign subsidy climate taking its toll on reputable establishments, there are many distractions that take away from where the focus should be… ART!

Our bottom line is achieving the aesthetic imagery required to support the story point.  The financial aspects of keeping the doors open is a line that I address early and clearly.  I won’t take a job unless it’s profitable and we are clear on all expectations.  If there are many revisions, then I am either not doing a good job at reaching the desired aesthetics or it is unclear from Production what the aesthetics should be.  We have yet to experience either of these scenarios.  I believe it is because both sides have always worked so hard at clarity.

I firmly believe that money spent needs to end up on screen.  If I know that the desired aesthetic is not clear and needs to be found, we start with a design stage.  VFX execution starts after design approvals.  If approvals can’t be made, I am happy to refer Clients to other designers.  If the design ends up being something that I cannot execute effectively, I will refer Clients to those who can.  So far, all Clients have been happy staying with us.

The art pages on this site demonstrate the passion we have for our craft.  We take pride in always making beautiful imagery.  As artists, we will always want to make it look better until it is done.  Knowing how to get there is an invaluable skill that we believe we possess.  Equally important is knowing when it is done and all will know when we believe we’ve reached that point.  As technicians, we find the cheapest way to get it right.  We commonly practice farming out roto, tracking, and modeling, but keep it in-house if we have to (several reasons for this).

Talent for art coupled with the experience of execution.  If you have the budget, we can make it happen.  Or refer you to someone who can :).

I hope this wasn’t too long of a read, but it is important that our philosophy is clear.  We need to match up well together or depart with a respectful understanding.