Work History

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IMDB Company Profile

Contract with Studios

“The Tourist” Matte Paintings, finished composites for GK Films

City of Ember” VFX Design, Matte Painting, and finished composites for Walden Media

“Apocalyto” Matte Paintings, finished composites for Icon Productions

“Little Tokyo Reporter” VFX Supervision, Matte Painting, and finished composites for LTR Productions


Sub-contract work for facilities

updates and specifics coming soon…

(Pixomondo, Prime Focus VFX, Industrial Light & Magic, CIS, Stan Winston Digital, Captive Audience, ESC Enterntainment)


Music Videos and Commercials

Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” Music Video – Matte Paintings for Babyfoot Prod. (Australia)

Masayuki Suzuki “So Long” Music Video – Animation/Compositing for Sony/Epic Records (Japan)

“Infinity” Car Commercial – Matte Painting for Duck Studios (L.A.)

Hasbro “Fun 10 City” Commercial – Design, Matte Painting for The Big House

“Intelligence” – 4 Spot Commercial Campaign – Animation, compositing for Ray Yoshimoto (Japan)